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Over 8% of adolescents in the United States suffer from depression at any given time; this itself is an alarming situation. There are number of causes for depression like failure, abuse, neglect, peer pressure, poverty, violence, etc. Depression is not limited to any particular country, age group, profession, gender, it can found be found everywhere. Women in particular suffer from it. This is now a global concern and number of organisation have come forward to tackle it. If you are depressed don’t feel lonely, life definitely has better plan for you ahead. Just relax for now and things will be better.

Depression usually starts with anxiety and starts playing games with you before you even realise. It’s a pain that can’t be seen and only a person going through it can understand its intensity. People don’t choose to be depressed, but they do have choice to tackle it.

Forget everything that’s worrying you for a moment and go through this article till the end, here we have compiled best quotes about depression specially to help you tackle it and make you feel better and motivated. This quotes will give a totally a different perspective to how you use to look at depression.

List of Quotes about Depression:

Depression is the inability to construct a future.

— Rollo May

Best quotes about depression

Depression is like fog, it blocks away our way and we are not able to see beyond it. But, it doesn’t mean there is no way. Take step bit by bit and keep moving.

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

— Helen Keller

Quotes about derpression

Nothing good comes easily. You need to work towards it, go thorough pain and pay the price to achieve it. No matter how slow you are going unless you don’t stop. Start to enjoy pain; you are only going to be better and stronger with time.

Hard times will always reveal true friends

Depression will make you meet with reality. Only true friends and people who actually care for you will stand with you. Make sure to stand with them when they need, they are people worth living for.

I want to be happy but something inside me screams that I do not deserve it

I can understand this pain; we all have gone through it at some point or other in life. A voice deep inside us makes us feel terrible. It’s time to come over it by doing exactly opposite of what it tells us to do, voice will be suppressed gradually.

Smiling doesn’t necessarily mean you’re happy. Sometimes it means you are strong

You can never say for sure what a smile can hide. Smiling doesn’t always mean you are happy, it can mean you are strong enough to let things go and are ready to come back stronger than ever. This quote must always be remembered when you are feeling depressed.

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.

— Henry Ford

Failure is never an end. Learn from it, work on your weakness and give it a try again. Don’t let failure come in your way in any manner. Keep on trying, more your try more you are a step closer to success.

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.

— Dr. Seuss

Everything happens and ends for a reason. Learn to appreciate things around you and to express your gratitude whenever you get a chance.

You don’t protect your heart by acting you don’t have one.

Depression starts to suck our soul every moment. Even faking a smile seems to be difficult, but this thing in no way is going to make anything better but only worse. Stop worrying about things which are beyond your control. Analyze what you can do next right now, make an actionable plan for a day and achieve it. This how you can gain back your confidence.

I’ve had some dark nights of the soul, of course, but giving in to depression would be a sell out, a defeat.

— Christopher Hitchens

What we think, is what we attract towards us. I understand it gets difficult to stay positive but at least we can stay away from negativity. Accepting defeat is never an option.

You don’t have to control your thoughts; you just have to stop letting them control you.

— Dan Millman

Don’t let your negative thoughts dominate you, make you numb. Take the control in your hands and start shaping your life as you want.

It feels like everyone else is moving on with their lives while I am stuck here in this hole that I can’t climb out of.

That feeling of isolation is really painful. But our present is echoes of our past choices. We can’t change this instantly, but definitely we can work now in right direction to make our future better. Better late than never, right?

Creative people are more prone to depression.

— Adam Ant

You can’t do everything at once even if you have hundreds of ideas running in your mind. Take one thing at a time, give complete dedication to it, accomplish it and then move to another. Just think about what you want to do very next moment and do it. Take a step at a time and keep moving.

Concern should drive us into action, not into depression

— Karen Horney

Concern means you care for it and this should be motivating force for you. If one things didn’t work out well, there is always an another opportunity, another chance to do it.

Just like other illnesses, depression can be treated so that people can live happy, active lives.

— Tom Bosley

Depression can surely be treated. Let go things that are beyond your control. Start fresh, learn to smile more often, talk with your friends and family as much as you can. Bring out every pain out, cry loudly once and remove the heaviness from your heart. Once you get out of it, you will be much mentally strong and ready to face world with confidence.

Depression is like drowning. Except you can see everyone else around you breathing.

In depression every force seems to be against us. However, that’s actually not the case; it’s just an illusion trying to trick us to believe in it. Stay calm, more you worry more it will try to dominate you.

When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.

Remember the first day, why you started it. Give yourself a break maybe you are going too fast. Energize the will and enthusiasm you had in the beginning.

The greatest glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail

— Nelson Mandela

Success can be achieved by going from failure to failure and ultimately reaching the goal. There is no straight way or perfect plan for it, you need to keep on experimenting with trial and error method to see what works best for you.

If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down.

— Mary Pickford

Failing is not an end or defeat. It’s a chance for you to do it better and be prepared better next time. How bad it looks, take your time and stand up once again. Accepting failure is defeat.

Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering prisoner and the cruel jailer.

You are the only one who could help yourself the most to come out of depression. It’s time to cheer up for yourself and let your inner voice shout loudly to bring back your lost courage and the real you.

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.

— Laurell K. Hamilton

Depression may not show physical wounds but pain it brings is no less. You know it is there and you have to defeat it and come over it. Say it to yourself everyday “I can do it and I will do it!”

Hope these quotes about depression were able to make a difference for you, at least a bit for now. Keep reading more motivating and inspiring things and talk as much as with your friends and family, soon you will be out of depression. Below are few more quotes we have added to this article.

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More quotes about depression:

Nothing is more depressing than despite the fact of having it all but still feeling empty.

You’re scared to tell people how much it hurts, so you keep it all to yourself.

Monsters don’t sleep under your bed, they scream inside of your head

I sleep to escape from reality

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

— St. Francis of Assisi

I like to be alone, but I hate being lonely.

Dear Past, stop tapping me on the shoulders, I don’t wanna look back

It’s a bit like walking down a long, dark corridor, never knowing when the light will go on.

I hide all my scars with an I’m fine

Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.

— Helen Keller

Until you’ve had depression I don’t think you’re qualified to talk about it.

— Geoffrey Boycott

You don’t have to control your thoughts; you just have to stop letting them control you.

— Dan Millman

Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

Scars tell the story of where you’ve been, They don’t dictate where you’re going.

Take the first step, no more, no less, and the next will be revealed.

— Ken Roberts

I say there’re no depressed words just depressed minds.

I’ll be alright. One day. Someday. Just not today

I need a break from the loneliness that is totally consuming me

I hate getting flashbacks from things that I don’t want to remember

Depression taught me the importance of compassion and hard work, and that you can overcome enormous obstacles.

— Rob Delaney

That moment when you can actually feel the pain in your chest from seeing or hearing something that breaks your heart.

I tell everyone to be strong, knowing I am the weakest person in the world.

Everyone is depressed, some are just better at hiding it than others.

I’m busy saving everybody else when I can’t even save myself.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have

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