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Every moment, everyday, there is something or other which keeps on bothering us. We are constantly worried about thing and people around us and waste a considerable time figuring it out.

Have we ever wondered why things make us worry so much?

It is because we pressurize ourselves to cope up people around us, we want to achieve things which others have achieved, just to show others we are not left behind.

We start to pressurize ourselves to such an extent that we don’t do things we would like to do, we don’t express our thoughts and opinion what we really think. We try to do and say things which we feel is politically correct so others don’t look down on us for having a different view or rather we don’t want to sound too stupid, so we choose to be in the safe zone by doing what majority of the people would do and say.

We feel insecure and are not confident about ourselves, this is not what few of us are going through, but majority of the people are going through this knowingly or unknowingly and there is little we feel we could do to come out from this social pressures or anxiety.

The best way to come out of this is to first stop bothering about what others think about us, just stop it from this very moment. I know it’s easy to say but difficult to implement, but you can give it a try and slowly you will start feeling the change. Second thing you have to do is be yourself.

Being yourself, doesn’t mean you need to be rude to others and don’t need to ever listen to others. It’s about listening to your inner voice, what you feel about things, to express your view, which you genuinely believe and expressing it without hesitation.

Do listen to others, because a good speaker is first always a good listener. Consider others view as just one of the perspective and not the ultimate truth. Once you start being yourself and do things you always wanted to do and express yourself freely, you will observe a positive change within you, your mind will feel lighter and you will be happy than ever. Here we have collected the best quotes about being yourself, from famous personalities who has given best advice through their quotes to be yourself.

Motivational Being Yourself Self Quotes:

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde

Quotes about being yourself by Oscar Wilde

Life is too short to live other’s life when you can be yourself and make it most happening thing.

When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everyone will respect you.

Be yourself without comparing or competing with others. People who actually care for you will love your true side and not judge you.

Be yourself. Be true to that, to your heart. Patience. See what happens if you step back instead of bounding forward

— Nora Roberts

Once you have decided to be yourself, stick on it. Things will change slowly for better, believe in your destiny.

Just be yourself, there is no one better.

— Taylor Swift

Only thing you must bother is to be always yourself, you were born to play just your role.

Being yourself is all it takes. If you want to impress someone don’t be someone else just be yourself.

— Selena Gomez

When you want to impress someone don’t try to pretend things stay yourself to keep it simple, whatever will be the outcome will be the best.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matters don’t mind.

— Bernard M. Baruch

This is one of my best quotes about being yourself, in which I personally believe a lot and have experienced the same. We waste a lot of time and energy in impressing others who don’t even matter rather than pleasing ourselves and people we love who matters.

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it

— Bruce Lee

A powerful being yourself quote by Bruce lee, which inspires us to be our original copy rather than being a carbon copy of someone else and living a fake life for rest of our life.

When someone is nasty or treats you poorly, don’t take it personally. It says nothing about you, but a lot about them.

— Michael Josephson

We can’t control other actions or words, neither it’s our concern. Be yourself; don’t be offended what other’s have to say about you.

I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet

— Mahatma Gandhi

Don’t let others impression about you affect your thinking. Only take positive things from others and neglect the negativity thrown at you.

Don’t worry what people say or what people think. Be yourself

— Brett Hull

Being yourself is the best thing you could ever do to achieve things you are looking for.

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself

— Jim Morrison

Best friend is the one who knows you and your potential very well and he/she will constantly motivate you to chase your dream by being yourself.

Some people like you, some people don’t. In the end you just have to be yourself

— Andres Iniesta

You were never born to please everyone, neither one should even attempt to do so. Don’t waste your time running behind it, utilize your time to do things you love.

Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

— Marilyn Monroe

A beautiful being yourself quote. There is no meaning to be perfect if you are not true to yourself, it’s better to be yourself and be imperfect.

Be yourself, take control of your life

— Emma Bunton

No one could play your part better than yourself, so take things in your hands, to shape things the way you like.

Don’t compromise yourself – you’re all you have.

— John Grisham

Don’t look down to yourself, it is only going to make you feel more miserable. Do what you are best at.

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When you are living the best version of yourself, you inspire others to live the best versions of themselves

— Steve Maraboli

Once you start being yourself at every stage of life, you are sure to achieve success. Once you are successful, you could motivate others to be themselves and lead other to success.

Just because they disagree, doesn’t mean you ain’t right.

— Toba Beta

Remember, others view is just a one of the different perspective and not a fact and that never make you wrong.

I think the best thing your parents can do for you is to let you be yourself

— Jaime Winstone

Parents will be very first people who will encourage you to be yourself and that’s a best encouragement you can get early in life, but we usually take too long to understand it.

Control Your Own Destiny or Someone Else Will

— Jack Welch

If you are too lazy to follow your dreams, then soon you will be working to achieve someone else dream. Choice is yours, choose wisely.

Decide what you want to be…. Pay the Price… And be what you want to be

Nothing worth having will ever come easily, you need to work hard, patiently and continuously on it. You are about to fail number of times before you could actually rise see success.


We hope you enjoyed reading these quotes about being yourself and are more motivated to live your life on your own terms and make most of your life and further keep on encouraging others to live life their life to fullest. Have a great Day!

Here are few more Quotes on being yourself:

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are

— Kurt Cobain

Find out who you are and do it on purpose

— Dolly Parton

Fashion is what you adopt when you don’t know who you are 

— Quentin Crisp

I think it’s important to be yourself and not try and emulate someone else’s look

— Jade Jagger

I think everybody’s weird. We should all celebrate our individuality and not be embarrassed or ashamed of it

— Johnny Depp

With confidence, you have won before you have started

— Marcus Garvey

When I was a child my mother said to me, ‘If you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk, you’ll be the pope.’ Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso

— Picasso

Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner

— Lao Tzu

Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are

— Beyoncé

Never apologize for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologize for the truth.

— Benjamin Disraeli

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